Management Plans


Direct Traffic has employed dedicated personnel trained in RMS Prepare a Workzone TMP (Red Card) to design Management Plans to meet your project requirements. Our design team can develop the following plans;


(PMP) Pedestrian Movement Plan:         

A diagram showing the allocated travel paths for workers or pedestrians around or through a worksite. The plan shall show all associated signs and devices used to implement the management plan.


Traffic Control Plan (TCP):

A diagram showing signs and devices arranged to warn traffic and guide it around, past or if necessary through a worksite or temporary hazard. The TCP shall detail the locations, spacing and sizes of all signs and devices, the location and lengths of tapers, all pavement markings and delineators, any containment or safety fencing, flashing arrow signs, portable traffic signals, variable message signs, roadwork speed zones and, if necessary, pedestrian routes.


Vehicle Movement Plan:

A diagram showing the preferred travel paths for vehicles associated with a work site entering, leaving or crossing the through stream. A VMP should also show travel paths for trucks at key points on routes remote from the worksite such as places to turn around, accesses, ramps and side roads. A VMP may be combined with or superimposed on a TCP.


Traffic Management Plan (TMP):

A plan detailing work to be undertaken and describing its impact on the general area, especially its impact on public transport and passengers, cyclist, pedestrians, motorists and commercial operations. It also describes how these impacts are being addressed. May also contain detailed TCPs and VMP

All management plans will fulfil the requirements set out in the WHS ACT 2011, WHS Regulations 2011, AS1742.3-2009 and the RMS Traffic Control at Work Sites manual version 4.

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