Traffic Control


Direct Traffic is committed to the effective management of traffic at all worksites. We will ensure best practices and take into consideration the pedestrians, traffic flow and the various conditions workers may come across to maximise safety and quality of Work Sites. Arrangements will be made for:

  1. Volume and type of traffic
  2. Road and footpath space for traffic flow
  3. Impact on arterial and intermediary roads
  4. Type of traffic routing
  5. Type of Traffic Control
  6. Installation of traffic devices
  7. Requirements for night works
  8. And pedestrians

Direct Traffic only employs competent Traffic Control Officers that are trained in RMS Traffic Control (Blue Card). All of our worksites are supervised by Team Leaders who hold a minimum of 12 months experience and hold a RMS Traffic Control (Blue Card), RMS Apply Traffic Control Plans (Yellow Card), RMS Prepare a Work Zone TMP (Red Card), and Apply First Aid Certificate. All of our personnel undergo task based training and a Company Induction to ensure strict requirements for Safety, Quality, and Environment are met and understood.

All Traffic Control Vehicles used at Direct Traffic are setup with the following:

  • Sign rack to meet the required sign sizes and quantities.
  • Cone Racks
  • A minimum of 2 flashing beacons clearly visible from both the front and back of vehicle
  • Reversing squawker or beeper
  • mounted with B–type flashing arrow signs and electronic rams
  • Storage space in the form of a toolbox or under tray toolbox
  • Garbage disposal
  • Decals displaying Traffic Control, Company Logo’s, First Aid, and vehicle unit numbers
  • First Aid kit
  • Vehicle folder including  Incident reports, Hazard reports, Pre Starts, SWMS/TRA’s, and Site safety rules

To ensure we meet the above requirements management at Direct Traffic have employed safety specialists who continually monitor projects for safety, quality, and environment. After each inspection is completed copies are provided to the customer for their records and any areas of concern are raised with the client.

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