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Welcome to Direct Traffic

Direct Traffic is a service based Company providing traffic control & management to clients and customers. The Company head office is located in Minto, NSW and operates NSW wide including Sydney, Dubbo, Orange, Bathurst, Wollongong, and Newcastle. Direct Traffic was formed in 2007 by  Mechelina Van Der Ende & Adam Spilsted, starting with only 2 vehicles and 6 employees. Since 2007, the Company has grown to a fleet of over 30+ traffic control vehicle's and 70+ employees.  

Direct Traffic is engaged in various aspects of traffic control & management including;

  • Design & Implementation of traffic control plans, traffic management plans, vehicle movement plans, pedestrian management plans and, construction traffic management plans,

  • Permit Application,

  • Equipment Hire,

  • Site Establishmentand

  • Emergency Response.

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I'm very happy to tell you what a help Direct Traffic is to me in my underground communications infrastructure work on our large University campus.

As some of our pits and conduits are in roadways, I need to feel sure that there won't be accidents when we are doing inspections or having new infrastructure installed.  As an IT worker, naturally I expected cabling contractors to allow for an appropriate level of traffic control for proposed works.  However, I became aware that some companies were turning in cheaper, winning quotes by skimping.  If a contractor has their labourers standing out there with stop/slow bats and no other equipment, you really doubt if they are properly trained.  Occasionally people seem to have turned up in the early morning and done the work with no traffic control at all, which is completely unacceptable.  I don't care that the negligent contractor is legally responsible for any resulting accidents -- I don't want there to *be* any accidents.

Even reputable contractors who have allowed for proper traffic control can find themselves in an awkward position if the work is taking longer than expected -- I don't want anyone to be tempted to rush the installation or to compromise safety because they realise they are starting to lose money on the job.    Safety and good quality installation are more important than

spending a few extra dollars.  I also feel sorry for honest contractors who miss out on winning quotes because someone dishonest undercuts them by planning to do a quick and dirty job or to work unsafely.  For all these reasons, I no longer have traffic control included in installation quotes and I arrange directly with your company to provide safe, professional traffic control with all the correct equipment, for however long the job really takes.  This significantly cuts down on the problems and risks that I have mentioned above.  Furthermore, if our campus security staff ask me to have extra measures taken, such as for a higher level of pedestrian control, it is easy for me to arrange this quickly with you.

Naturally, as an IT worker, I expect the tradespeople I engage to take responsibility for the management of the site and for showing the traffic controllers what needs to be done. Direct Traffic works with our contractor in the usual way, but keeps me up to date about the services provided so that I can understand and certify the invoices.  Whenever I am a visitor to the site, the traffic control supervisor explains the activities to me and introduces me to the staff.  I believe in quality work for a fair price and I'm sure that that is what we are getting.

Our use of traffic control is quite irregular and does not amount to a large sum over the course of a year, so we don't sign a contract with any particular company.  I could go to another company if I wanted to, but I'm so happy with the services of Direct Traffic that it's not worth my while.

Other traffic controllers never look as alert or well-equipped.  Direct Traffic's staff are also invaluable in our occasional dealings with the local council and RMS, as they deal with these organisations all the time.

I know that I would not be one of your big customers, but your staff are always ready to help me when I ring up.  With a large number of inattentive pedestrians on our site, I'm glad to know that I'm dealing with traffic controllers who are familiar with our situation and are able to put the most appropriate measures in place.  I don't receive complaints about the work you do, even though I work in a place where people don't hesitate to complain.

Direct Traffic was recommended to me, and I warmly pass on this recommendation to any other organisation like our University.  By engaging Direct Traffic, I can relax in the knowledge that our safety is in the hands of experts.


Jennifer Sayers

Communications Infrastructure Analyst

ICT Communications Services (G17)

The University of Sydney, NSW, 2006

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