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Mission Statement


Direct Traffic operates in a highly competitive environment.  Striving to exceed client needs and expectations is our aim.  We encourage each and every member of the team to develop long-term corporate relationships and lasting friendships with those we deal with daily.


Our Mission is:

  • To provide our clients with excellent value and service;
  • Strive to provide our services in a most professional and friendly manner; and
  • To exceed the clients expectations by solving problems before they arise.
  • Perform all duties as required by legislation


We strive toward achieving these goals by providing:

  • Highly motivated, well trained, fully-equipped staff who are backed by a solid support structure;
  • Service which is safely delivered on time; and
  • Cost effective and efficient service which results in excellence.

We support staff to achieve these goals, so that clients will come to know our Company’s service is the best, and in return reward us with recurring business.



Our Philosophy

In conducting our business we recognise and adhere to the following philosophy.

This is a service business and our people provide the service.  Our clients choose us because of high quality service which our workers provide, using all the equipment, knowledge and support available to them.  Our internal and external relationships are based on trust and mutual respect.

This philosophy is fully implemented through our ten commitments:

  1. Respect – In all our dealings with each other, we strive to treat each other with utmost courtesy and professionalism.
  2. Management – We strive to provide, recruit, train and retain managers who understand and appreciate this industry.
  3. Recognition – Our policy is to recognise skills and remunerate accordingly and to provide a positive work environment which gives workers an opportunity to learn and develop industry skills.
  4. Work Conditions – We emphasise safe healthy conditions in the work environment, and one which is free from bullying and harassment.
  5. Communication – Dialogue between all, especially between workers and managers, must be open and honest if our business is to succeed and prosper.
  6. Policies – We constantly strive to make our policies effective and fair.
  7. Job Security – The success of our business means the continued success and security of employees.
  8. Career Path –We seek to foster growth through challenging work assignments, training and the improvement of our organisation.
  9. Team Values – Belonging to a team dedicated to success utilising a relay of resources.
  10. Personal Development – Satisfaction derived from knowing real opportunities exist, which will lead to individual and company development.



Below are the principles, which form the foundation of daily conduct in the workplace. This set of values applies to each and every one, at all levels, management and non-management alike.

  • To promote and encourage excellence in all that we do.
  • To maintain pride and integrity in all our tasks.
  • To respect each other and ourselves equally, and to provide each other with support.
  • To respect our clients and their needs.
  • To be aware, at all times that our actions will not cause harm to our clients, fellow workers, any other third-party or our Company.

These Values provide us with a code of conduct, which influences relationships in the workplace, as well as with our clients.

We aim to encourage excellence in all relationships.

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